Delee is a medical device company that aims to revolutionize how cancer is diagnosed and managed. That is why we developed CytoCatch™, a patent pending technology that enables the performance of a CTC blood-based assay that has the potential of being used for early cancer detection and monitoring of the applied treatments’ effectiveness.

This technology consists of an isolation platform, which automatically performs the necessary steps to process the sample, capturing the CTCs contained in it, and an imaging system, which possesses special routines and machine learning algorithms that analyze the captured cells based on their morphology and the expression of specific markers. The fact that all these processes are fully automated increases the reliability and reproducibility of the assay by preventing human errors and cell loss due to manual steps.


Furthermore, the collected cells are compatible with traditional molecular biology techniques and next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies, enabling the performance of molecular analysis to assess the genetic characteristics of the captured CTCs. 

This innovative technology will enable a broad range of

cancer-related clinical applications.