May 5, 2020

Our scientific article "Characterization of a novel automated microfiltration device for the efficient isolation and analysis of circulating tumor cells from clinical blood samples" is published in Nature’s Scientific Reports.

September 24, 2019


Our scientific article "High-Throughput Automated Microscopy of Circulating Tumor Cells" is published in Nature’s Scientific Reports.


October 19, 2020


Our CEO is recognized as an "Outlier", a special mention by Tecnológico de Monterrey to their alumni who are considered exceptional entrepreneurs. 


November, 2019 


Our CTO is acknowledged by the Royal Society of Engineering and Leaders in Innovation Fellowship for its work in developing an innovative technology that could improve people's quality of life.

October 05, 2019 


Our company received the Profesor Dr. Antonio Puigvert Award for the best clinical research work at the American Confederation of Urology Congress of 2019.

May 07, 2019 


Our CEO is the first Mexican to become a laureate by the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards, winning a prize of $100,000 USD for creating a startup serving as a catalyst for change and growth within her community and the broader society.

June , 2021 

Our CEO is recognized as one of the 52 women-led startups driving the future of healthcare and femtech. 

June , 2020 

Our CEO is recognized as one of Forbes’s most influential women in Mexico.

April , 2020 


Delee successfully raised $1.07M through crowdfunding on Republic, welcoming 4,857 investors from all around the world.

start x.jpeg

January, 2020


Delee has been accepted to enter StartX, a

non-profit startup accelerator and founder community associated with Stanford University.


June 04, 2019 


Our CEO participates as a panelist at the Women Entrepreneurship: Women Connecting Across Continents Forum organized in The Hague, Netherlands.


March 20, 2017


Delee has been accepted into Y Combinator (W2017 batch), an American seed money startup accelerator launched in March 2005. It has been used to launch more than 2,000 companies, including Stripe, Airbnb, Cruise Automation, DoorDash, Coinbase, Instacart, Dropbox, Twitch, and Reddit. The combined valuation of the top YC companies was more than $300 billion by January 2021. The company's accelerator program is in Mountain View, California.